Color Bump 3D: Every Beginner’s Tip and Tricks to Winning this Bumpy Arcade Game

Color Bump 3D: Every Beginner’s Tip and Tricks to Winning this Bumpy Arcade Game

One category of games that we all could agree on is arcade games. There’s just an element to it that keeps it fun and exciting, even if the gameplay is very simple. Thanks to technology, we don’t have to go to arcade places because almost every game is available to play at home. One of these arcade games is Color Bump 3D by Good Job Games. The title may sound simple and straightforward, and the game itself is easy to understand. But in reality, Good Job Games made sure that every player will face challenges throughout the game. In short, Color Bump 3D is impossible to master!

With hundreds of levels to surpass, you will never see what’s coming. This is the only arcade game that can keep you on edge every step of the way, so if you are stuck while playing Color Bump 3D and you’re dying to know more ways to pass the insane levels, read on to learn more tips and tricks that can guide you in Color Bump 3D!

Use the Obstacles to Your Advantage

The first thing you should do is analyze how you can use the many obstacles to your advantage. Sometimes, it can be a bit daunting, especially if you are in the later stages, but you must do your best to use these obstacles to your advantage. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pass these levels. Keep in mind that there are levels where you will need to use the obstacles, and there’s no way around it. You should always take a deep breath and see how you can use the barriers to avoid the other colors easily. Once you can do that, it’ll be easier for you to scan your battlefield and think ahead.

The Bigger the Obstacle, The Better

Some players think that the smaller obstacles are fun to use because you can see them fly off to different directions while pushing them away. But you should know that these small obstacles hardly do what you expect them to do, and they are not useful when it comes to pushing colored objects out of the way. So it’s much better if you choose to use the bigger obstacles so it could bulldoze the colored objects in one go. It can easily clear a path for you. Pick the largest obstacle and only choose the smaller ones to remove the remaining barriers only if you are nearing the end of the level.

The Shape of the Obstacles Matter

In Color Bump 3D, the shape of the obstacle matter will significantly impact your game. Use these different shapes and sizes, but make sure that you know how they behave once you bump them. For example, if you try to move a domino-shaped obstacle, it won’t move. It will just fall over. Obstacles that are ball-shaped are more unpredictable because if you push too much, it could fly off. So the safest thing you can do is anticipate how these obstacles will move once you push them. It can be a bit hard at first, but it will get more comfortable if you already know how these obstacles behave.