Hello Kitty Nail Salon: The Perfect Game for Kids and Kids at Heart

Hello Kitty Nail Salon: The Perfect Game for Kids and Kids at Heart

Hello Kitty is a very famous cartoon character that originated in Japan. This cute kitty cat is so well-loved by kids and adults that people are dying to collect every possible memorabilia that is Hello Kitty themed. Lucky for us, Hello Kitty lovers, our favorite character is available online as a game. Of course, you might think that Hello Kitty is only for kids. But kids before that are adults now are still dying to experience everything that is Hello Kitty! So if you are one of those who loves creativity and Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty Nail Salon is the game for you.

So get your Hello Kitty heart ready because you will be challenged by this game, in a fun and creative way! Unleash the inner nail artist in you and create unique designs that no one else can follow. You and your kids will love this simple game made for creative artists.

Create Specially Designed Manicures or Freestyle!

One way to earn stars in Hello Kitty Nail Salon is by following the designs that Hello Kitty already created for you. This way, you are already practicing your skills and exploring your creativity, even if you’re still practicing. If you perfect the design that’s given to you, you will earn stars! Also, Hello Kitty will love your performance even more! But if you want to become independent and want to create your own design, that’s fine! Freestyling is a technique that you can do. It will prove that you’re one of the best nail designers in Hello Kitty Nail Salon! You can use stickers, patterns, different backgrounds, and nail polish to show your nails’ beauty. Freestyling is the best way to show them who is the artist around here. It will cultivate your passion for the arts like you’re born with this talent already!

Add Your Favorite Sanrio Characters

Besides the usual gems, stickers, and color or nail polish, you can also add your favorite Sanrio characters to your design! Choose from Hello Kitty herself, Chococat, Keroppi, Little Twin Stars, Badtz-Maru, My Melody, and Tuxedosam! They will definitely keep your nails interesting. You will also get to reminisce about the characters that helped mold your childhood! You can add them to your unique freestyle design to make your nails even more unique and beautiful! Remember, you are the artist in this game, and no one can dictate what you want to do.

New Nail Designer Levels to Give You A Small Challenge

Like many other games, Hello Kitty Nail Salon will also give you a bit of challenge so you can design and create better manicure designs. Aside from collecting cute little stars from Hello Kitty, you also level up and get to create or match more complicated designs. But don’t worry, Hello Kitty is sure that you can do it! This will prove how great of a nail designer you are, and you get to see where your creativity takes you. In no time, you will be one of Hello Kitty’s best designers in Hello Kitty Nail Salon!