Subway Princess Runner: Know How to Play this Simple yet Fun Game!

Subway Princess Runner: Know How to Play this Simple yet Fun Game!

Running games are one of the most exciting and interesting games out there. Even if all your character does is run, avoid obstacles, and collect coins, it’s still fun to see where your character takes you. Heavily inspired by Temple Run and Subway Surfers, Subway Princess Runner is another endless running game that you should definitely try. Created by Ivy, this game surely packs a punch. You will find yourself getting dragged into this game with no escape because it is the best for killing boredom.

All you need to do is help the Princess escape the police, and you can use a skateboard to keep them far from you. You can try and beat the player with the highest score in the world players through the internet. Or you can beat your personal record and share your scores with your friends. Besides that, you get to unlock more characters as you unlock more levels! The fun is endless, as this endless runner game. Play Subway Princess Runner now!

Avoid Trains and Obstacles as Best as You Can!

Subway Princess Runner won’t be exciting if there are no hindrances to avoid. Help the beautiful princess avoid the cops and the trains—Dodge the buses and obstacles. And make sure that you are having fun! If you hit these barriers, you will trip, and the cop might catch up to you. Don’t worry, though, because you can always start over again and perfect your technique. This way, you get to gain more experience, and you can help the princess become a better runner!

How to Gain More Experience as a Runner

There are many ways for you to gain experience as a runner. One of the most efficient ways is to complete missions. There are missions that you have to track so you can level up more quickly. This will also help you to become more experienced as a runner. Aside from that, you can get more boxes to help you with your endless running journey. The best way to become one of the wealthiest runners in a subway is by doing your best to run away from the police!

Easy Swipe Controls

Unlike other endless runner games where all you could do is to swipe left and right, up and down, Subway Princess Runner is different in a way because your character can even run against the wall! This feature makes it even more exciting because you don’t find runners running against the wall. It will also be easier for you to get the coins, which you can use to unlock characters and buy yourself some useful tools while playing the game!

Become a More Experienced Subway Runner

Props will help you to increase your power while in the game. Once you upgrade it, you will be unstoppable and become one of the best and richest subway runners. Make sure to use the prop to your advantage so that you can continue your endless running journey without hassle. Collect more coins so you can upgrade your prop right away!