Know More About Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!

Know More About Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!

If you love dancing, music, and KPOP, you will definitely fall in love with Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! It is a game that is heavily inspired by Tap Tap Revolution! They have the same mechanics, but Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! has some elements that will get your dancing shoes on. Also, make sure that your fingers are fast because there are different difficulty levels that you might want to try out. If not, you can keep on practicing to the beat of your favorite KPOP idols like BLACKPINK, iKON, and BigBang.

This challenging musical game is all about giving you the right kind of entertainment. You’ll be surprised that you keep on playing Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! all the time. We can’t blame you, though, because this game by AMANOTES PTE LTD is truly a burst of color, music, and dancing all in one! Play Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! and experience music with a unique twist.

How Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! Works

Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! is very easy to play and understand. But it doesn’t mean that the game is easy to master because there are obstacles and challenges that you will be facing all the time. Keep in mind to always match your ball’s color to the other balls that are coming your way to earn high points. You will also need to collect coins and gift boxes so you can open up new treasures in the music box. This part is exciting because you will never know what kind of treasure is waiting for you. The more mysterious it gets, the more you are challenged to do your best.

If you have fast fingers that can roll the ball right away, you’ll be an expert of this game right away. Try it now and play Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! now.

Amazing Game Features That Will Make You Want To Roll Your Ball All The Time

If you are still not familiar with Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! then you are in for a treat. The game features will explain how unique and addictive this music game is. Not to mention the colorful background that you get to encounter all the time and the glowing balls that you will have to roll around.

First, you can choose your original background music to play while rolling and matching the color of the balls. The background is also galaxy-themed, which is very pleasant to the eyes. Next is the multiple difficulty levels that you will encounter. With each level, you will experience a challenge that has its own stories to keep you enamored. Third, practice and memorize the easy controls. Hold, drag, and swipe to control the roll of your ball! Lastly, you get to choose your genre and music. Girls and boys will love this game because of the fantastic music tastes that Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! has.

Music-Lovers Galore

This fantastic music game will capture the attention of all music lovers from all over the world. More updated songs will be added to satisfy your cravings for good music!